Monday, February 15, 2010

Joe Is Turning Sixteen

Joe is our first grandchild and our first grandson.

Here he is on his first birthday. He will be turning
16 in June. I know that I am behind in my scrap-
booking, but here already I need to do a birthday
page for his soon to be sixteenth birthday.

He will be graduating in 2011 and is yet undecided
whether he wants to join the army and become a para-
medic or go to college and study premed. I hope he
decides on the latter.

Oh by the way he is our sons first born son.

Well, I have officially started introducing my wonderful
grandchildren to you. Soon to introduce my soon to be nine
year old granddaughter.

I would also like to thank Rebecca for Vintage Living. I won her wonderful necklace on her give away.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you signed up to follow my blog -- it allows me to meet you and your family, starting with your first grandson. These are tough choices the kids have to make now -- where to go to college, if that is there choice, what to study -- My children are going through that now. I look forward to following you in your journey.