Friday, April 30, 2010

Taking A Different Approach Today

Good Morning World.

I have decided that this is my blog and whatever the days bring I am going to post.  It may be a finally finished craft, something I'm going to do for the day, how much weight I have lost or just whatever is on my mind.

Today, I'm feeling like         .  I can't explain how I feel.  I've had this feeling most of my life.  It doesn't matter what it is, its the same feeling.  This week has been rather rough.  I try the best I can to please all of the people in my life and no matter what I do, I feel taken for granted and used.

I had so much to do this week since I am getting ready for a flea market on Monday that I have signed up for the month.  In between I had told my daughter and son-in-law that I would help out with the kids, which by the way, I really don't mind because my grandchildren mean the world to me.  It never fails, every time I show up at the time they need me, their plans have changed in one way or another and they did not have the consideration to call me.  Like Tuesday, I was supposed to be at my daughters at 9:00 AM so my son-in-law could take my 4 yo grandaughter to pre-school and then go to a spin class at the gym. When I got there, he said "oh, I should have had you come later", he looked at the calendar wrong and his spin class was the day before, so what does that tell you. I could have finished a few more things at home. I only had the twins, but the speech therapist was coming, which he forgot about and didn't have any idea what time she was coming.  I did tell him that when he got home I was going to have to leave because of the amount of work I had.  He said he would home at 11:30.

So, OK, he takes off, and the speech terapist comes and goes and so does 11:30. At about 12:15 I tried calling his cell, which goes directly into voicemail.  Right after that my daughter called, who by the way is an ER nurse and is at work during this whole time, and asks me if I had tried to call.  I told her no that I had been trying to call him myself.  Never asking how the therapy went or how anything was.  She said that she was on her way home.  She was supposed to leave at 11:30, I had no idea, I thought she worked until 3:00.

Finally at 12:30 my son-in-law walks in.  No apologies, I told him that I had tried to call.  His response was, why is there a problem.  Explaining that he told me he would be home at 11:30, he said "no I told you 12:00 and that he got layed up coming out of the gym, and then proceeds to get on the phone with my daughter.

I gave my grandbabies a kiss and left to home.  I haven't heard from him since.  I guess it's because at the moment I'm not needed.

As Always,
Take Care


littlethings1 said...

Ouch !! I think that sometimes they can get so wrapped up into their own world , they can forget that we also have a world ! Hope to see more pic's of your work !! Have a wonderful weekend !

vintagesusie & wings said...

I can relate to that friend!! Sometimes it seems like you can never give enough, which just makes me feel like not giving at all...but since that is totally not my personality, I continue to give & sometimes feel I never give enough. Round & round, right?
Have a happy weekend & by next week, all we be forgotten!