Monday, February 22, 2010

Lookey What I Got

Look what came in the mail today. It's my give-away that I won from Rebecca at Rebecca for Vintage Living. There is my absolutely wonderful necklace. You can't imagine how this looks in person. Also, she included a delightful vintage wall hanging. There are different types of lace and buttons and she backed this with vintage music paper.

When I opened the box this is how it was wrapped. My pics don't do it justice. It's just a work of art. I really didn't want to open it and ruin it. But, knowing what was in there, it took me about five minutes taking my time so as not to rip anything.

Again, sorry for my photo. There is a beautiful white bird and a hang tag, lace of all sorts and buttons.

Rebecca is truly a gifted lady and I am truly a gifted person for having won this.

Thank you so much, Rebecca.

As always, take care


Rebecca said...

Hi Karen
This was truely my pleasure and I am so glad you liked it. Thank you so much for the gracious post..
Many blessings to you

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Karen!!! What a lucky girl you are to have won this treasure from Rebecca...I know you must just love it ~ I hope you have a wonderful weekend, xxoo, Dawn

Peridots Garden Blog said...

I just popped over from Dawn's (The Feathered Nest) to say Hi and Welcome!

Congratulations on your beautiful gift! So pretty!

I love your opening photo of the baby fingers wrapped around the adult thumb (is it your hand and that of one of your grandbabies?) touching...a new life loved and guided by an experienced and loving hand.

I'll be back ...


chicroses said...

Hi Karen, Just came over from Dawns...lucky for you with all those goodies you won. Love your the baby finger with the hand..I am also a grandmother to 21mon old.My first and only..waited 20yrs..not really...but she is everything to me. I will be back to visit...sally

luverlie said...

I wanted that! lol...who didn't? It was a terrific giveaway and found it's way to an appreciative person.